With over 100 years of experience, the Frantz Company is committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.

Wood Chips

More and more of our customers are demanding high-quality wood chips. Wood chips are proving to be a great addition to our product line, and we offer a variety for use in some of today's newer generators.

And as always, the Frantz Company delivers the highest quality product possible, so you get the best possible natural wood smoke for your meat treating processes.

Frantz's blue chips are recommended for these smoke generators:
  • Marlen
  • Schroter
  • KSI
  • Friedrich

Our hardwood and hickory red chips are recommended for these smoke generators:
  • Germos
  • Fessman

Hardwood Blue Chip

Hardwood Red Chip

Hickory Blue Chip

Hickory Red Chip

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